Technologist | Journalist | Speaker

Magnus Aschan

I tell stories about how technology and science make our world better.

Moderator & speaker

On stage

I'm your tech-savvy moderator, speaker, and workshop facilitator. With decades of experience and great references such as IBM, Ericsson and IDG/Foundry I'll help you take your event to the next level.

Show host and editor

On camera

Need an editor or a show host for your video project? Does it have to do with tech or science? I'm in.

Content strategy and creation

On content

With over 20 years of journalistic experience, as Editor-in-Chief and publisher in major tech and IT media, I've got expert skills in digital media. I'm ready to help you with your project.


On board

Covering tech and science for decades, I've got vast knowledge of the trends that shape the future. I'm eager to share my advice and connect you with my network.

Let's hook up

In contact

I'm a very curious person, always interested in developing myself and exploring. Want to pitch an idea or just grab a cup of tea? Get in touch!